Piyari Bittu

Directed by : Syed Mazhar Moin Written by : Saji Gul OST : Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Starring Sania Saeed, Samia Shamshad, Atiqa Odho, Nayyar Ejaz, Farah Shah, Tipu Sharif, Rashid Farooqui Synopisis. This is a story of an aunt’s immortal sacrifices for her niece. the ant Shakra (Sania Saeed) Loves her niece Bittu (Sania Samshad) very much and tries to protect and raise Bittu in best possible manner. As Bittu’s mother (Atiqa Odho) is very clever women, who has a wandering temperament and is very greedy. who does nothing except getting dolled up all the time and keeps praying for her hasband (Nayyer Aijaz) to die whi is already on a death bed. Bittu and her father are not unaware for her mother’s attitude but are helpless. Bittu’s father before deth takes a word from his sister Shakra that she will take care of his daughter after him. Whereas, after his death Bittu’s mother gets married again and take Bittu with her. Later in exchange of heavy amount she marries off Bittu to a psycho man. On the other hand when Shakra gets to know abou the attrocity Bittu faced, she brings her back with her. Shakra sacrifices all her happiness to fulfil her promise given to her late brother. So much so that she even loses the love of her own kid and husband. Little did she know that in future all her sacrifices will cause her immense trouble.

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