This is a story of Minaal, who is beautiful and dedicated girl. She wants to establish her name as successful fashion designer in the market. With very limited resources she takes a start of her business in society first, gradually she becomes famous in the society by the name DESIGNER. Then she decides to establish her brand on a larger scale, she use social media as her platform to grow her name and she remains successful in that too. During this tenure she gets married to Haris and moves abroad with him, what she don’t know is that its Haris’s second marriage with her and he is already married abroad for the visa purpose. Now how this relationship with Haris will develop abroad and would she be able to keep her business going despite all the problems in her life. Director:Muhammad Ashar Asghar Writer:Waqas Qureshi Cast:Saniya Shamshaad, Ali Josh, Eshal Fayyaz, Uzma Khan, Arman Ali Pasha

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