Ishq Bepanah

Ishq Bepanah is a story of Maria; she belongs to a middle class family she has a younger sister Saniya who is studying in a college. Maria is well educated and a sensitive girl, she lives at her uncle’s house during her final exams where she falls in love with his cousin Faisal who is educated, loving and from a high class background. Faisal’s mother Mehwish is a status conscious women and do not like Maria and Faisal’s closeness at all. On the other side Maria’s father Innam is from a conservative background for him his family values and commitments are above everything. In between everything Maria’s father engages Maria with his cousin Shoukat, who is notorious and fuming nature person and he decided at his own that he will marry Maria at any cost to fulfill his ego. With so many twist and turns, ups and downs in lives of Maria and her sister Saniya, what will be the fate of the love story of Maria and Faisal? Writter: Adil Hafiz Rodhani Producer: Aijaz Aslam Director: Muhammad Musawir Khan Cast: Shameen Khan Rana Majid Khan Naveed Raza Azeeka Daniel Parbeen Akbar Nida Mumtaz Tariq Jameel

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