Agar Tum Saath Ho

Written by : Asad bukhari Directed by : Asad Jabal Production : Shuffler films 1. Anoushay Abbasi as Nimra (Lead actress), 2. Humayun Ashraf as Farhan (Lead actor) 3. Ghana Tahir as Maria (Lead actress) 4. Fawad Jalal as Faraz (lead actor) 5. Nazli Apa as Tanzeel (Mother) 6. Gul e Rana as Mumtaz (Mother) 7. Jia shahid as Zubaida 8. Shehzad Raza as Kifayat (Father) 9. Angel Kid as Muneeba (child) 10. Abdul Rehman as Kid: Arsalan (child) 11. Raima Khan as Shaista (Nand) 12. Sohail Mirza as Dildar (Damad) Synopsis: the story opens up with Nimra (Anoushay Abbasi) being treated as an unwanted person and lifetime maid by her mother in law Mumtaz ( Gul-e-Rana) .Not only that she treats her badly she also disrespects her as if she is not the daughter in law of the house but a maid. Nimra’s husband Faraz (Fawad Jalal ) is totally controlled by his mother and treats Nimra like his mother does . The only person in the family who is concerned about Nimra is her younger brother in Law Farhan (Hamayun Ashraf) but since he himself is a dependent of his mother he cannot raise voice for poor Nimra . Farhan is searching for a job where he often comes across Maria (Ghana Tahir ) who is also giving interviews for jobs, later they develop good friendship which turn into strong love association & they get married . Maria is a strong headed person and with her husband’s support dares raises voice against the unfair behavior of Mumtaz & the story moves on.

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