Pari Hun Mein

It’s a story of Zahida, a girl from a middle class background whose life is centered with many problems. Her family suffers from the financial and emotional ups and downs in their lives. Despite of being in a pressure Zahida believes to solve her problems at her own. Zahida is living with her parents and siblings, in all the siblings Zahida is the only girl who is prettier and fairer which disturbs her too. With every difficulty in her life she is highly aimed to overcome all the difficult situations present in her life. She is engaged to her paternal cousin and soon to be married with him, but she got marriage proposal from one of her job interview she gave. The proposal she received is from a higher class and respectable family. She accepted the proposal against her cousin but then she faces problem in her married life too. How will Zahida face these problems in her life. Director:Dilawar Malick Writer:Fizza Jaffery Cast:Ali Abbas, Sehar Afzal, Omi Butt, Salahuddin Tunio, Marium Shafee, Atif Rathore, Aisha Ali Khan, Amreen Sheikh, Sobia Faisal, Abbas Ashraf, Beena Choudhry, Tipu Sharif

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