Amrit Aur Maya

Produced by: Gold Bridge Media Directed by: shafqat Shah Written by: Sidra Sehar Imran Title song Sung by: Sahir Ali Bagha Starring: Rashid Farooqui, Hina Rizvi, Yasir Ali khan, Sabahat, Shameen, Tabassum Arif, Tanveer Jamal, Rana Mujahid Synopsis: Amrit aur Maya is a story of two step sisters. Maya, the younger sister is an arrogant and envious girl who is the blue-eyed of her father Shoaib (Rashid Farooqui). Shoaib is a dominating character who is biased towards and looks down upon her wife Swaleha Khatoon (Hina Rizvi) and his step-daughter Amrit (Shameen) who plays the protagonist in the story. The story moves ahead when Amrit’s classmate Wahab (Yasir), a good looking and caring young man, enters her life. Wahab’s mother wants him to marry Mansha (Wahab’s cousin) who happens to be Maya’s best friend as well, while Maya out of her jealous nature eyes on Wahab to be hers for life. The story develops into a complicated love triangle when Wahab and Amrit start falling for each other. What follows is a series of dramatic events full of love and sacrifice with a tinge of rebound, hatred and revenge.

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