Paposh Nagar Ki Neelam


The story of a girl who is the daughter of a pakwan owner, studies in a prestigious university where she falls in love with an elite boy who also love her. In an event of the boy’s family, where her father was also assigned the food catering, her father jumps in when she was introduced with the boy’s family, resulting in a never ending menace for her life. She takes charge of Pakwan Centre when her father deceased and face many hurdles by society. Every Monday - Thursday at 9:00 PM only on Express Entertainment Director : Abid Rahim Script: Doorway Entertainment Writer: Haniya Javed Script Supervisor : Nimra Jamil Starring : Hina Ashfaq, Noman Habib, Shehzad Malik, Sabahat Adil, Sidra, Emaan, Shahid Naqvi, Shazia Qaiser, Hassam Khan, Salma Zafar, Shaji Shah

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