This is the story of Sara Usman. She is the only dearest child of Khan Sahab.  Sara’s mother died when she was a child. Khan Sahab has no close relatives and reason behind is when his mother died his brother Nawaz Khan took possession on the belongings and property so Khan Sahab disowns the relation with his brother and relatives. Sara’s life revolves around Khan Sahab, Amma Fatima, Shais
SAZA E ISHQ The story revolves around the girl Rameen who lives with her aunt as her parents died when she was young. She involved with her cousin Saim but her aunt Sabiha decides to get her married to Faris who belongs to well-off family and reason behind is that she doesn’t want people to perceive that she married her to his son due to her properties and wealth. Rameen agrees to marry Faris b
DARD RUKTA NAHI  This is a story of a father Azam, who has to choose between the happiness of his real and espoused daughter. The story of Raima and Imsaal links with the two orphan brothers, who are quite the opposites in every manner of life. Zaidan, took shortcuts in life and ended up marrying Raima though briefly after the wedding, he had to divorce her and escaped from the country.&nb
Drama Serial #Janbaaz | Starting from Wednesday, 13th Nov. Watch at 9:00 PM on Express TV #QaviKhan, #DanishTaimoor, #AreebaHabib, #IrfanKhoosat, #RashidFarooqi, #AyazSamoo, #IrfanMotiWala, #KhawajaSaleem #AmirYousf #MotionContent #GroupM #ExpressTV


Sitam is a story revolves around a girl’s struggle for her relations. Noor is the main protagonist of the story. She is the eldest sibling, her mother died when she was in her early teen since then she took care of her father and brought up her younger siblings. During the wedding preparation her father meets an accident and dies on the spot. After the death of her father Noor got to know about
It highlights struggle of a girl who is the only breadwinner of her family and then her behavior after knowing truth of being raised as a sister of her own mother rather a daughter. This creates misunderstanding and possessiveness within story. How she manage to survive this situation and how she able to let the society understand it? Find the answers on every Thu & Fri at 8pm, only on Express TV.
This family comedy drama revolves around two brothers and their families. Both of them lives in the same house which has left by their father in his will. This property dispute will left your eyes teared with laughter. Written By: Shafqat Khan & Mohsin Ejaz Directed By: Ahmed Qazi Produced By: SBCH Productions Cast: Ismail Tara, Sadaf Aashan, Mohsin Ejaz, Shabeer Jan, Naeema Garaj, Yasmeen
Rani Nokrani is a lifetime story reflection of two contrasting shades of life, one which belongs to the elite class where luxuries of life became basic requirements and other belongs to the class where even basic necessities of life are difficult to acquire. People who are living such lives having their own lifestyles in general, but very few people exist in both backgrounds who are above to all s
Life is a journey which is incomplete without a life partner, no matter how much wealthy and luxurious life you are living, if you are missing a life companion you will be miss the biggest blessing that is love. This story revolves around the love, duty and standing against the wrong in the society. But you have to choose between the right and wrong. Written By: Suraj Baba Directed By: Zaib Ch
Nawabzadiyan is a story of three sisters who are brought up as a single parent children. This family drama revolves around their love life, leading to their respective marriages. All three of them are different in nature from each other the eldest one is tough and stubborn, second is a dreamy girl who always lives in her dream, meanwhile the youngest one is everyone’s favorite. Produced By: P
Story of two friends, Barkat as Salman and Uzmi as Ghalib, who are living in the same apartment and accompanied by a paying guest, Sabahat Sarhandi as Nimmi. This hilarious sitcom will make you rolling on the floor with laughter by these three characters and various artists who will join them in every episode. Watch #TeenTalwar every Monday at 7:30pm only on #ExpressTV Produced & Directed by
This is a story of a girl’s contumacy who lives in a family where she feels that her sister is being given a preference over her, she believes that her mother loves and listens her sister more then her. Whereas her feeling is partially right, but this biasedness never created any difference between the two sister. This neglected feeling makes her rebellious and therefore she challenges every dec
Drama | Dil e Nadaan- Episode 1 | Express Entertainment Dramas | Abid Ali, Zaheen Tahira, Nida Mumtaz Drama Title: Dil e Nadaan Directed by: Naveed Jaffri Written by: Sajjad Haider Zaidi
Gustakh Dil is a story of SITARA JAHAN and FARAS whose life gets entirely changes after one incident. Both of them become guilty of each other for that particular incident, but they know the innocence of each other. Sitara Jahan who is an introvert and sensitive girl and already surviving through a horrible trauma in her earlier life, is engaged with his cousin Saif. Faras who is well educated and
Mohabbat Zindagi Hai is a story of two families and their life turning events. This story is having all the shades of life and how these both families deal with them. Maryam and Amir are the one of two characters who love each other but destiny has written something else in their respective lives. This love means a lot to them but they always respect what destiny has written. Other details are
Ishq Na Kariyo Koi is a story of love, agony and revenge. When the wish to get lover reaches to its peak, then it becomes obsession and harms everyone and everything that comes in the way. Fariha is an innocent, shy and an outdated girl, madly in love with her class fellow Faisal and has written him hundreds of love letters. Faisal is completely unaware about this secret lover and pretty annoye

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