Mera Wajood


Synopsis The story is of a family, who never lived happily. Saba, a mother of two, is blamed and tortured by her husband for giving birth to daughters. Saba faces Hamid with courage but tries to save her family as well. As time passes Hamid’s behavior worsen with Saba and her daughters, it also reveals that Hamid is in relationship with another girl. Saba, though is always supported by her cousin Ahmer, who is always there for Saba but Hamid’s affair breaks her heart. On the other side, Saba’s younger daughter “Zenia” is afraid of broken families, thus supports her father so that things stay under control, she also doesn’t like Ahmer’s interference in her family matters. So much bound in her family’s well being, Saba isn’t bold enough to take any step for her. As if these problems were not enough, Saba is also tried for the fate of her daughters. Will Saba’s efforts make things better or it will worsen her life.

Director : Shafqat Moinuddin
Writer: Mohammad Asif
Producer : Farhan & Mukhtar

Cast : Aly Khan, Ajab Gul, Jaweria Abbasi, Hira Sommro, Amna Malick, Tehreem Zuberi

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