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Pakistani Drama | Noor | Producers : Wajahat Rauf & Shazia Wajahat Director : Shaqielle Ahmed Writer Nadeem Ahmed Cast : Shehroze Sabzwari Romaisa Khan Faizan Sheikh Zainab Qayoom Aijaz Aslam Emaan Zaidi Farah Nadeem Shazia Qaiser Mujtaba Abbas Hira Umer Mehru Saqib Nahida Shamim 
Drama serial Oye Motti | Every Thursday at 8:00 PM only on Express TV Presented by : Gold Bridge Media Directed by : Muhammad Iftikhar Iffi Written by: Sajjad Haider Zaidi
Baarwan Khiladi | Every Thursday on Express TV Starring : Shahveer Jafry, Danyal Zafar, Kinza Hashmi, Fawad Khan and Sarmad Khoosat Director : Adnan Sarwar Writer : Shahid Dogar Producer : Mahira Khan and Nina Kashif #FawadKhan #ShahveerJafry #DanyalZafar #KinzaHashmi #AdnanSarwar #MahiraKhan #NinaKashif #BaarwanKhiladi #ExpressTV
Turkish Urdu Dubbed Drama LOVE IDHAR UDHAR
Hoor Pari Noor is a story of three girls who have grown together and are very dear friends. This friendship turns into rivalry and jealousy when materialistic gains and love interest comes in between.They are close friends yet they have different values in life. Pari is content with her life, Noor wants to achieve everything at any cost while Hoor is spoiled child of her father who tries to fulfil
Mein Aisi Kiun hun is a story that celebrates the natural beauty of Pakistani women. In a society that still upholds eurocentric beauty standards, mein aisi kiun challenges the typical insecurities a woman is made to go through on the day to day basis. It explores what it's like to embrace your natural hair when everyone says you shouldn't.


Watch, drama serial “Jugnu” every Monday to Friday at 9:00 PM only on Express TV. Director: Furqan Adam Script by; Express Entertainment Script Supervisor: Shumaila Zaki & Shafia Khan Starring: Sana Nadir Shah, M. Shiraz Khan Ghazali, Fazyla Lashari, Yasir Alam, Syed Imran Ali Rizvi, Raima Khan, Taqi Ahmed, Fauzia Mushtaq Affendi, Bisma Khan, Sidra Rao, Anees Alam, Urooj Abbas, S
The story of a girl who is the daughter of a pakwan owner, studies in a prestigious university where she falls in love with an elite boy who also love her. In an event of the boy’s family, where her father was also assigned the food catering, her father jumps in when she was introduced with the boy’s family, resulting in a never ending menace for her life. She takes charge of Pakwan Centre w
Turkish Drama "Meryem" You can live with secrets, but never with lies A car accident transforms three people’s lives, drawing them into a triangle of love, lies and revenge that threatens to destroy them, unless love can overcome hate. A car accident on a rain-soaked road transforms three people’s lives, drawing them into a triangle of love, ambition and revenge. Meryem’s dreams
Express Originals | Aik Aur Story every Thursday at 8:00 PM
Drama Ek Jhoota Lafz Mohabbat | Every Tuesday at 8:00 PM only on Express TV Presented By: BigBang Entertainment Produced by: Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali KazmiWritten By: Mamoona AzizDirected by: Syed Zeeshan Ali ZaidiCast : Junaid Khan, Amna Ilyas, Aiza Awan, Emmad Irfani, Shugufta Ijaz, Sajid Hasan, Hasan Niazi

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