Muthi Bhar Chahat


Life is a journey which is incomplete without a life partner, no matter how much wealthy and luxurious life you are living, if you are missing a life companion you will be miss the biggest blessing that is love. This story revolves around the love, duty and standing against the wrong in the society. But you have to choose between the right and wrong. Written By: Suraj Baba Directed By: Zaib Choudhry Produced by Focus Media Entertainment. Cast: Usman Peerzada, Resham, Aagha Ali, Huma Nawab, Adnan Jillani, Zaib Chaudhry, Jawed Jamal, Hareeb Farooq, Rida Ally, Sheraz Sikander, Marium Tiwana, Hammad Hussain, Asad Butt, Becks Khan, Ezha Malik, Hammad Shuaib, Humaira Humaira, Saima Saleem, Zahid Quraishi, Momina Batool, Subhaan Awan, Salma Qaadir, Akhtar Ghazali, Waleed Mirza, Anjum, Arsalan, Saima Kanwal, Afzal, Mehwish & Masood Akhtar

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