The story revolves around a girl Shukrana who is a very simple and innocent girl. Her cousin, Shahroz, likes her and is crazy about her .He can do anything to get her and so he also tries to harass her. Shahroz is not a good as a person and once when his parents talk about getting him married, he refuses and says that he cannot even think of it till he starts earning.

Shukrana has two siblings, Turaab and Wafa. Wafa is married and she doesn’t have a good relationship with her mother in law. She is also jealous of Shukrana because everyone likes her.

Once when Shukrana comes back from her college, Shahroz forces her to go with him to his house. She refuses but Shahroz takes her to his house. On the other side Shukrana’s mother is worried about where she is and Turaab was also very angry at her. At that time Wafa was also present there and she tries to console her.

Shahroz  gives her a dress as a gift and forces her not to tell anything to her family members. He forces that she should tell her family that she went with shahroz for shopping. He gets her back to her house. Shukrana tells her family what Shahroz told her. After some time she meets with a guy who she really likes as a person. And the story goes further.

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Tale of a girl “Shukrana” who is most loved by her father who lives abroad. Shukrana’s life has been a struggle since ever…..

Starring: Sanam Chaudhry, Humayun Ashraf, Kunwar Arsalan, Kiran Tabeer, Nayyer Ejaz,  Hanif Bachan, Farah Nadeem

Writer: Mansoor Mushtaq

Director: Kashif Jafri

Producer: Hassan Zia – Master Mind
inteha 3 inteha 5 Shukrana