Days: Wednesday & Thursday
Time: 20:00

In this Drama there is a girl Samra who is in love with Waqas who is her cousin. But unfortunately due to some reason Samra is forced to marry Waqas’ brother Obaid.On the night of their wedding Obaid finds out what is going on between his wife and his brother. Samra is quite sincere with her husband but  Obaid doesn’t believe it and he keeps hating Samra as well as Waqas. In fact, Waqas for the sake of their happiness goes far away from their lives.

Hira is a super model and she is an adopted child of her so-called parents. She likes a boy, Arman. Her parents don’t want her to marry him because they want to enjoy the money that she earns and  are using her for the sake of their own benefit. After some time Arman dies and after which she meets Waqas and she starts liking him.

Samra is very upset and spending her life in extreme tension and in trying to convince Obaid and the story proceeds.

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