Days: Monday-Tuesday
Time: 21:00

The story is revolving around two sisters, Shanzay and Khirad. They are orphans and are living with their mother, Aysha, as well as their phuppo and her son. Aysha has married a person of her choice against her parents will. So her parents remove her from their inheritance of wealth. Unfortunately, due to a lot of depression Aysha dies and leaves behind her young daughters.

The well-settled Nanno, of Shanzay and Khirad gets ashamed due to her bad behavior with Aysha and Aysha’s death makes her sad. So nanno and their mamoo, Sultan take them to their house. Their mamo and momani, Zubaida, have a son, Fahad, and a daughter Wajiha. Zubaida and Wajiha are not happy with the arrival of Shanzay and khirad while Fahad does not have an issue with them. So, Wajiha and Zubaida start miss-behaving with both the sisters.

Zubaida has a sister Kulsum who has a son, Ashar, and a daughter Aimal. Zubaida wants her son Fahad to get married to Aimal whereas  Fahad doesn’t like Aimal. He starts liking Shanzay.

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