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A drama produced and directed by Rashid Sami began on the 23rd of February.  This drama has made a place in the hearts of the viewers in very short time as it holds the privilege of having a huge star cast and adapting a classic novel.The cast Includes : Atiqa Oddho,Javed Shaikh,Sana Sarfraz,Shehzad Shaikh,Anoushay Abbasi,Seemi Pasha,Sajida Syed,Diya Mughal, Minal Khan,Rashid, Farooqi,Farah Zeba,Qaisar Naqvi . It is a very different story emerging from the most common issues of society, highlighting the key issues. The story revolves around one man’s ego that ruins his family completely.  Ahmed Ali  (Javed Sheikh) is a financially strong man who is married to (Seemi Pasha), whose sister Sultana (Atiqa Odho) Is a widow of a financially weak man and has three daughters Mehwish (Diya Mughal), Sitwat (Anoushay Abbassi ) & Sehrish (Minal Khalid) .Ahmed Ali does not get along with his wife and keeps demoralizing her and is fond of Sultana. Lives with her Husband only Daughter Sara (Sanah Sarfaraz)with their maid Naseeb, who is like family to them. Ahmed Ali’s Daughter Sara and his sister Noori’s (Sajida Syed) son Faizy (Shehzad Sheikh) like each other and soon get engaged, on their engagement day Atiqa odho passes away due to an asthma attack after which sultana, out of her greed moulds the situation in a manner, where she marries her brother-in-law Ahmed Ali and moves with her daughter’s in his house to enjoy the luxuries of his assets. Sultana along with her two daughter, Sehrish who is a complete shadow of her mother, and Sitwat who plays a negative role as she likes her cousin Sara’s Fiancé Faizy, combined they try to break off the engagement between the two while Faizy is away for studies in US.  Their faraway relative Khalid (Rashid Farooqui), who loves Sara also creates problems for the. Khalid is not that well-off but has stability and Sultana has her eyes on him for her Oldest Daughter Mehwish (A very simple and caring girl), who she considers as being less attractive and wants to get her married off. The drama moves forward portraying how Sitwat with Sehrish’s help creates misunderstandings between Faizy & Sarah and how Sultana’s true face reveals in front of everyone but Ahmed Ali.

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Director & Producer: Rashid Sami