Ram Kapoor is a well-reputed, rich and powerful businessman in his early 40’s. Priya Sharma , who is in her late 30’s, comes from a middle-class family. She is sensible, philosophical and more mature than Ram. The story begins when Ram’s younger step sister Natasha and Priya’s younger brother Kartik, who fall in love with each other. Kartik does not think he should marry before his older sister marries. To solve this problem, Ram agrees to marry Priya to allow Kartik and Natasha marry. Initially, Ram and Priya dislike each other but enter into a compromise marriage for their family.

Their marriage begins with an initial dislike towards each other. Ram’s step family plots against Priya to keep Ram and Priya apart. However, every time their trust and respect for each other grows stronger after encountering many hurdles in their relationship. As time passes, they spend more time with one another and they begin to love each other. However, their relationship remains difficult—every time Priya and Ram grow closer, problems arise and drive them apart.

Leap of 5 years happens. Ram and Priya have separated. Priya is in Dubai and happy with her daughter, Pihu. Ram on the other hand is unaware of his wife and daughter’s existence. After many hits and misses, Ram and Priya finally meet in Mumbai where Ram is shocked beyond all means to find out that love of his life is alive. He is livid with Priya for keeping herself and his daughter away from him for 5 years. Ram files for custody case of Pihu. Rajat Kapur, who is in love with Priya helps her to fight the case. After a lot of misunderstandings, their unflinching for each other love emerges true again. Ram and Priya are united yet again. Soon Priya gets pregnant with twin daughters. As the story progresses, several antagonists are introduced and the narrative moves between discontinuous time periods.After 15 years leap Ram and Priya’s life continues with their grown-up children.