Days: Monday-Sunday
Time: 19:00

This popular drama series consist of the story of an old woman Godavari Thakkar and her family, the family includes  6 sons, 2 daughters and their spouses and children. Godavari, who belongs from a very rich family, reside in her father’s huge villa, the famous Krishna mansion in Parla East, Mumbai, given to her by her brothers who are settled in the United States.

Godavari is the leader of the Thakkar Family, her husband Labhshankar Thakkar (Arvind Vaidya)  is involved in heavy drinking and he is blamed for never supporting his family financially or morally.  Godavari commands her family strictly and is often called “Hitler” by her family members. The family often faces different problems including dispute between family members.  In short, Baa Bahoo Aur Baby is a complete family show for all age groups and has a perfect mix of humor drama and entertainment.

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